Gourmet Grill Cookoff 2016

Scarborough Gourmet Grill-Off 2016!

June 18, 2016 at On The Vine, 11am – 12noon

Come and join us for this fun and tasty one-of-a-kind event! We will have a wine and beer tasting to follow until 3PM, so bring your thirst!

Contest Rules:

  1. Three contestants will be chosen to create a meal of their choice from ingredients found at On The Vine. All cooked items on the meal must be done on a grill provided to each contestant.
  2.  Registration will occur between 5/30 and 6/12 at On The Vine. Plexiglas registration box will be supplied by Frank FM. Three contestants will be randomly chosen on 6/13, and contacted, for participation in the contest. If a contestant will not be available on Saturday, June 18th, another contestant will be chosen. 107.5 Frank FM will run 50 recorded promotional announcements each week, along with live morning show announcements, promoting the contest.
  3. All contestants must be present at On The Vine by 10:30am on Saturday, June 18th
  4. Each contestant will be provided a $_____ food credit. Contestants will have 15 minutes, from 10:45am to 11:00am, to “purchase” their ingredients of choice to create a meal for three judges. The meal must be the same for each judge presented on individual plates.
  5. Each contestant will be provided a grill. Any cooked portion of the meal must be done on the grill. All contestants will keep their grill. Grills will be provided by 107.5 Frank FM.
  6. Each contestant will have one hour to prepare a meal for three judges (11am-12noon)
  7. Contestants will be provided with plates, kitchen utensils, bowls, cutting boards and tables to prepare their meal.
  8. Judges will be Stan Bennett, Heidi Knight and Rick Johnson from 107.5 Frank FM.
  9. Judges will determine the first, second and third place finish based on their criteria of choice. First place winner will receive a $250 On the Vine Gift Card plus grill. Second place will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card, provided by 107.5 Frank FM, plus grill. Third Place received a grill.

Shameless Plug

While you are here, you can stock up ALL the grill supplies you need to host your own backyard BBQ blowout. Choose from fresh ground beef, turkey and pork, marinated chicken and turkey, shish-kabobs, hand-cut steaks, ready-made potato salads and much more!
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